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Meet Brett Stumm
Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Hi I’m Brett Stumm! 

I’ve been in the mortgage industry for over 30 years.  I have funded over 2,600 personal loans and helped thousands of people buy the homes of their dreams. These people come to me with all kinds of issues and we sit down and discuss the available options. 

Now I’m dedicating my efforts to helping people fully take advantage of Reverse Mortgage. I work primarily with seniors in Pasadena & Southern California area.  

My goal is to help you get better clarity about Reverse Mortgage and help you discover how it could be your ideal retirement solution.

Top Reasons to work with Brett

Brett brings over 30 years of experience in providing clients with unparalleled services in the mortgage industry.  He treats each and everyone of his clients with uncompromising level of service. 

Brett Stumm Experience
Personalized Service

There's no one size fits all approach. Brett will provide you the best options for you.

Brett Stumm - Personalized Service
Wealth of Experience

Over 30 years experience helping people from all kinds of situation.

Brett Stumm - Integrity
Integrity & Reliability

Brett upholds highest level of service for each & every client. No exceptions.

Clients Testimonials

You're In Good Hands With Brett!

Learn more about how Brett Stumm could improve your retirement with Reverse Mortgage

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