Hi, I’m Brett. Reverse Mortgage Specialist

I'm dedicated to helping seniors make the most out of reverse mortgages for better retirement planning. With over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry, I provide clarity and sound advice to ensure that all my clients make the best decision for themselves & their families.

About Brett Stumm
Years in Mortgage Industry
Loans Funded to Date
Years In Sales Industry
Brett Stumm - Your Reverse Mortgage Partner

With more than 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry and at least 43 years in the sales industry,

Brett Stumm is a name you’ll come across quite often whenever you’re discussing matters real-estate. When you do, don’t hesitate to contact me. Whatever the need, whichever the situation, as long as it’s real estate, I can always help you make a better decision.

By keeping abreast with developments in the mortgage world and the real estate industry in general, attending training courses and seminars, and learning from other experts in the industry, I have accumulated an invaluable wealth of knowledge that would instantly unlock doors of opportunities for you.  

You're in good hands with Brett!

Want to learn more about how Brett Stumm could improve your retirement?

Top 7 Reasons To Work with Brett

Outside of business,
I am the nicest guy you could meet!  

After reading about my experience and range of expertise, you would imagine that Brett is some real-estate loony who sits in the office the whole day. Far from that, I am one of the most exciting people you could meet.

I love to travel, I got an appetite for delicious meals, and I am always looking for an opportunity to run! Yes, I run a lot. In fact, I am not just a runner, I am a marathoner. It helps me interact with my community and has allowed me to make a lot of friends. Above all, I have a family that I love very much.


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