Medical Expenses

Reverse mortgages can help you take care of yourself

The cost of healthcare is getting outrageous, but a reverse mortgage can provide you with the financial security and peace-of-mind needed to fund your medical expenses.

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With health care costs going up, many seniors can no longer afford it. Susan, 71, needs health care. Ann, her daughter, is looking for a way to provide for her mother’s needs while Susan continues living in her home.

The cost of care for Susan is becoming costly for Ann to afford. If they don’t find a way to raise the funding, Susan will be forced to sell her home, and the proceeds will be used for care. Fortunately, they found out about reverse mortgages!


  • Susan no longer need to be a burden for you family member to support her medical costs.
  • Susan get access to a government-insured loan that lets her use the equity in her home to pay for in-home care, home modifications, or other expenses, while still living in their home.
  • Her medicare and social Security are not impacted by a reverse mortgage.

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