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Stop worrying about how to pay for your expenses.

You can use the money from a reverse mortgage for any purpose including paying off bills and debts, supplementing your income or use it for essential expenses.

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If you have substantial equity in your home, a reverse mortgage can both eliminate your current mortgage payment and also pay off other debts such as a car loan or credit card balance. Reverse mortgages enable homeowners 62+ to tap into their home equity to receive a fixed monthly payment or get a line of credit. Using this monthly fund, you can pay off debts, make home improvements, and manage other large expenses. 


Use your reverse mortgage proceed to pay off an existing home loan or line of credit, or to pay off other debt, including a car loan, medical bill, credit cards, etc.


Pay off your mortgage or other debts with a HECM. Thus, you won’t need to spend your current income to make those monthly payments.


Use reverse mortgages to set up a credit line and preserve other assets for future use. It helps lower income from other sources to avoid income tax on Social Security benefits.


Expenses like credit card debts & mortgages can be a huge burden for seniors during their retirement years. John & Martha, 75, 73 are concern about tapping into their savings to pay for these expenses. They wanted to find a great way to consolidate their debts from their home equity while have flexible payment options.

These living expenses are impacting their quality of life during their retirement years. If they don’t find a way to relieve this burden, they won’t be able to do the things they dreamed of. Thankfully they found out about reverse mortgages!


  • John & Martha now gets to do things they dreamed of
  • They are more financially independent
  • They no longer need to tap into their savings & cash out of their investments to fund their retirement

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