You borrowed a mortgage to buy your dream home and have built good equity on your property over time? Now if you are looking for a way to lower your monthly mortgage payment or get your home loan paid off faster, refinancing can be your next best step. 

By refinancing, you can change the terms of your mortgage and choose favorable interest rates to lower your payment and improve your monthly cash flow. 

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Pay as much you want every month towards your principal and interest. As with a traditional mortgage, meet your loan obligations & regular loan expenses.

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Tap into a line of credit as and when needed, or a steady stream of money every month.

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Our loans come paired with non-recourse protection, so you never owe more than your home’s value when the mortgage is repaid.

Secure Your Future

Did you know that senior housing wealth reaches record $7.14 Trillon? 1
Learn how you can use a reverse mortgage for a better retirement.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions - Refinance Case Study


Scott is 70 years old. He has paid off the first mortgage on his house. However, he currently has a home equity loan due to which he has to make principal and interest payments every month.

By refinancing his existing home equity loan using a reverse mortgage, Scott can significantly reduce his monthly payment. It is because of the reverse mortgage’s flexible repayment feature. (As with a traditional mortgage, he must fulfill his mortgage obligations. He must pay the property taxes, insurance, and any homeowners association fees. He is also responsible for his home’s maintenance.)


  • He can keep more money in his pocket every month.

  • He can be financially prepared for the future. 

  • He can avoid spending his savings and invested assets that serve as an income source.

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¹ Senior Housing Wealth Reaches Record $7.14 Trillion. NRMLA. Historical RMMI.

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